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(Stacey) SK

(Stacey) SK, the Senior Tattooist at Curiosity Ink, has a BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Illustration from GVSU. Over the years, she has pursued professional art outlets in murals, concept art, book illustration, and private fine art commissions before settling into the tattoo industry. Interests in biology, anatomy, and mythology mean her designs focus primarily on composition and symbolism with a stylistic preference towards realism. With over a decade of experience, SK has mentored several artists in northern Michigan and continues developing her skills as a tattoo artist. Her primary design preferences include Neo-traditional, Geometric, Collage, Watercolor, and Realism.

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Alyssa is a Northern Michigan artist that has been tattooing in the area for several years; her light touch and attention to detail are apparent in her fine line work and subtle, soft shading and color. She prefers several diverse subjects for her designs, including nature, fantasy, East Asian art, and pop culture. Her delicate approach also means she is well suited for miniature tattoo work and techniques with significant precision.

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Destiny is a primarily self-taught artist with a background in many mediums, including graphite, ink, charcoal, colored pencil, marker, watercolor, and acrylic; more recently, she has added tattooing to the mix, having just completed her apprenticeship hours requirement in October. Her art is heavily influenced by her love of nature, fairy tales, meaningful moments, and the life cycle (aka dead things). Destiny has been tattooing for about a year and a half, continually adding to her experience while working beside her mentor and talented colleagues. Her favorite tattoo types include black and grey, fine line, illustrative, linework, fantasy theme, stylized floral/nature/animals, macabre/occult, and anything that might be outside the box. She hopes to start on stylized portraits soon and always wants to try something new.

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CaraBear has been tattooing in Norther Michigan for 8 years, from Gaylord to Traverse City to Petoskey. She says life is too short to not have fun with it! Excelling in color work, she specializes in pieces with bold hues, Patchwork sleeves, Watercolor, and Glitter style. She is also well versed in Black & Grey, Traditional, and Semi-Realism. Some of the subjects she enjoys most include cartoons, pop culture, flowers, and silly things. In the future she hopes to delve more into Realism and portraits.

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